At Citadel Security Services we focus on delivering great customer service to our clients, using technological and advanced equipment and providing supreme aftercare.

On this page you will find "HOW TO" guides and vlogs to create awareness of the new equipment we are using.

Video #1

In this video Matt introduces himself and his focuses of the channel.


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Video #2

In this video we show you "HOW TO" take footage from the ProControl+ app and download it onto your mobile/tablet device.

Video #3

In this video we show you "HOW TO" reset your account password for the ProControl+ app via your mobile/tablet device.

Video #4
The very first Vlog!!!
At the time of this recording we're living in strange and uncertain times whilst the Covid-19 pandemic is happening. That being said we still need to be visiting our various sites for emergency call outs and high risk site works to ensure chaos doesn't create anarchy.